Sell Your Jewellery

Sell Your Jewellery

Decorus fine jewellery is a respectable company that specialises in antique and preowned jewellery. We do buy in selected items that are antique that may or may not need refurbishment. We do not buy in any fake pieces that hold no value.



We buy in most second hand pieces of jewellery. We either resell them, melt down the metal or scrap the items for the gold weight. We buy jewellery in over the till for cash. We hold all rights to change offers for jewellery if the negotiated price is not accepted at the time of offer.


Only selected brands will be offered a price. Some of the brands include:






We buy in any Gold and Silver. We weigh your items in grams and then calculate the national price for scrap. This percentage is what we will offer you. Prices do change nationally frequently.

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